Water in Your Hands

What I am, is water.

Hold me, just right, and I will mould in form to your very hands.
Once in your grasp, I am yours to drink.  Refresh yourself with my essence.
Cleanse yourself with me, and I will carry away your stains.
I am yours for as long as you hold me.

Spill me to the earth, soiled, and I shall join the clouds and rain upon you,
giving life to your crops, swelling your rivers and filling your wells.

Forests, I have raised. Forests, felled to house younglings.
Felled for space.  Cut for comfort.  Gone for good.

Mountains, I have devoured.
Pounding them into sand, and washing them away to the beaches
of islands yet unborn.

The blood of the slaughtered I have removed,
Feeding it to young grass, to strengthen the horses
which carry you to freedom; to new lands.

IMG_20140704_065005Please, respect me.
I am a precious resource.
I am life; yours and mine and the world’s.
I am in the dust of cultures long forgotten.
I am in the ashes of fires and in the blood of wars.
I am immortal.  And fragile beyond comprehension.
I am in the air which fills your lungs.

Mistreat me and I shall recede to whence I came.
Silently.  Peacefully.  Without warning or return.

Retain me and see your dams smashed for my resolve to break free of you.
Empires erased could not prevent my escape.
Without me, you are nothing.  Without me you are dust.

Expose me to the cold and I shall raise myself as a monstrous wall,
advancing across the frozen landscape, gouging out the earth before and beneath me.
Starving out both hunter and hunted.

I await you.  I seek you.  I am in longing to belong to your blood.
I yearn to take shape of your every vein, muscle, bone and breath.
I will make you what you are and always have been.

Spit me, piss me and bleed me and all I touch shall be of your dominion.

Please. See through me.
See how I shine for you, reflecting the light of the surrounding skies.
Blue as the eyes of babes.
Black as the moonless and starlit night; how I shine in the darkness for you.

Hold me in your hands,
and feel me in your lungs.


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