Dark Visitors in a Lighted Wood

He sits alone; as he fears, yet as he chooses. He is afraid this feeling will last till the end of his days; the eternity that is left for him to fear. He fears tomorrow now, loathes it. He wonders if he will ever again enjoy the heat of the beach with its dark and blinding sun and the sound of moving sand. He fears the eternal joy of those that no longer surround him; If only they too were in constant pain, then perhaps he could do something to relieve them. He would not leave them to rot with the lies of love forever echoing in the empty houses of their lost souls. As the world mercilessly churns he can taste his fear polluting his soul, twisting paradise into endless isolation.

The days are eternal.

His own thoughts scare him. He wonders where did such venom begin and will it never end. He is truly in awe of the evil curses uttered in the woods, giving voice to the true demons and their desire to spill both life and love on the forest floor. His disbelief prevents him from praying to his lost god(s) for the return of his clean spirit and the expulsion of these strange new visitors from black realms that open his thoughts to them. Never did he dream he could pray for such harm and hates his own mind in its deepening sickness. He wonders if his own death would appease the hateful bastards within, or would he be cursed to ceaselessly walk the earth, tasting his fear and watching for the return of light.

The Spirit of a wooded Mountain once revealed Its face to him and the flight of waking birds was the voice of beauty as She danced the sun over the hills and into being. He will be mindful of the Wise and Beautiful Ones when he next enters Their space, treading softly in Their land of light and fortune. He will pray to Them, asking for Their endurance and company. They are true wisdom. They bore witness to the distant people in their time of waking. They will help him to see that these evil thoughts are no more than fungus feeding on that which rots and that they too serve their purpose and bear fruit in time.

The days ahead will bring an end to hard truth, and the wind will blow in our favour.

Spring of 2011 – My first piece of writing since childhood, I believe, and my only piece for awhile afterwards.  Exorcism is hard and liberating.  Identifying our demons is key to understanding our shadows.

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